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Headed to the PNW!

Adventures in the Pacific Northwest

I’ve got some crazy big news that I’m excited to finally post about… I’m going on an adventure! My girlfriend took a new Travel Surgical Tech assignment in Seattle, Washington and I’m joining her on the journey. It will be my first time ever to Washington State!

Exactly 13 days from now, I’ll be boarding a one-way flight to Seattle with my two suitcases, camera bag, and drone, ready to start an exciting new chapter. We’re not sure how long we’ll be in Washington, but we’re hoping that Re can get extended after three months so that we can spend the entire Spring and Summer exploring everything the region has to offer. If all works as planned, we’ll probably stay until late September and then throw a dart at a map for our next great adventure. Oh, and my work is letting me work remotely, so I can finally evolve into one of those Millennial Nomads that I always read about online but assumed to be a mythical creature. Hooray!

It’s an extremely bittersweet moment because I’ll be leaving behind an amazing group of friends in a city that I’ve found immense comfort in. It’ll be equally as hard transitioning from a ninety-minute drive to a six-hour flight from the unanimously voted best family on the planet. But those who know me know that I can’t pass up a PNW trip of a lifetime with the woman I love and her two dogs that I am contractually obligated to play ball with for 14 hours per day.

Followers of my blog should be thrilled because there is going to be a TON of new content. I’ll probably go from 1 PPY (posts per year) to at least 2 PPM (posts per month) as I fill y’all in on many of the epic hikes and camping trips we have planned. We’ve already secured our National Park pass and now we’re in the process of obtaining permits for some of the great hikes in the Cascades, such as The Enchantments Trail. Fans of my photography will be even more stoked as I can guarantee there will be an overwhelming increase in new content.

Re just completed her cross country drive with her dogs and settled in to the long-term AirBNB. With that major hurdle overcome, it’s finally becoming real, so I figure it’s time to write a blog post about things. For friends and family in New Hampshire and Maine, I will for sure be back in the area from time to time with my newly acquired nomadic working abilities. In the meantime, if you want to visit us in Seattle, we’re scheduling visitors now :)

If anyone has any suggestions for hikes or sites in the area, we would greatly appreciate it! If you want to follow my travels, scroll to the bottom of the page and subscribe!

Talk soon,