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Brian Powers is a Maine & New Hampshire based photographer, drone pilot, and digital marketer, specializing in landscape and travel photography. The Explorer Blog is home to travel tips, featured photos, and generally incomprehensible rambling.

8 Day Iceland Road Trip - Iceland's Ring Road in One Week

Iceland’s ring road is the perfect vacation destination for those seeking a thrilling adventure in a fairytale land crafted by volcanoes. Summer is the ideal season for a road trip in Iceland, with July and August being the key months for exploring the raw beauty of the Highlands of Iceland, also known as the interior. Many of the F-roads (mountain roads) are closed off until these months due to the abundance of snowfall that creates dangerous river crossings during Spring melt. Spring and Fall, meanwhile, offer visitors a chance to catch glimpses of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) while still having access to most or all of the Ring Road attractions. Winter shelters Iceland in a near permanent darkness, but provides perfect conditions if you’re an avid Aurora Borealis hunter or you’re a heavy drinker (or planning to become one). Regardless of when you go, the country is super easy to travel in due to its shape and the ring road that loops around the exterior.

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