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Brian Powers is a Maine & New Hampshire based photographer, drone pilot, and digital marketer, specializing in landscape and travel photography. The Explorer Blog is home to travel tips, featured photos, and generally incomprehensible rambling.

Norway: The Land of Majestic Fjords, Beautiful People, and Beers That Cost More Than My Fish & Chips. (PART II)

The last time we spoke, I introduced you to the first day of the 2017 Norwegian Experience™. Given that it was my longest post yet, you likely expected an in-depth journey that encompassed my entire trip and you'd never have to return to the shadows of my blog again. I don't apologize for misleading you. As I'm sure you'll admit, you were left wanting and waiting for the continuation of the potential epic trilogy of posts that are only bested by J.R.R Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings in terms of greatness. Many fortnights have passed and it's time to continue the story. Go grab yourself some food and a cup of tea because part 2 starts NOW.

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